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Laminate Flooring In Bathroom: Pros And Cons

Many homeowners choose laminate flooring for their bathrooms because it is a durable and affordable option. Yet, there are some things to consider before making this type of investment. Here are the pros and cons of laminate flooring for your bathroom.


Installing laminate floors in the bathroom might be a great idea, but it is not always the best option. Consider the laminate flooring features before deciding on this option for your floor.

Laminate flooring is made up of four distinct layers:

  • A bottom layer made of melamine that is generally reinforced.

  • A layer of fiberboard or wood chips.

  • A decorative layer is usually an image of wood or stone materials like marble, slate, or oak.

  • A wear layer is a translucent coat that is durable, stain-resistant, and waterproof.

Making laminate flooring is one of the most durable materials for bathroom flooring.

However, lamination is only water-resistant from top to bottom - not from bottom to top. As a result, your laminate flooring will be able to survive moisture but not vapors from the subfloor.

Is It Okay To Put Laminate flooring In Bathrooms?

Small bathrooms are the greatest candidates for laminate flooring. For example basement half bath or a more private master suite bathroom,

Half bathrooms don't have a tub or shower to cause spills or humidity because they just have a sink and a toilet. Additionally, master bedroom suites and small bathrooms are usually often kept clean.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Laminate Flooring In Bathrooms?


All laminate flooring mimics genuine wood or stone using a high-definition photographic layer. The distinguishing quality of laminate flooring is its look. Laminate flooring is available in many colors, species, and styles of real wood and stone. For Example; hand-scraped, rustic, reclaimed wood, natural finish, whitewashed, multi-length, and many more.

Maintenance and care:

It is advisable to begin cleaning laminate flooring using dry methods such as a vacuum or broom. To remove ingrained filth, a damp mop with a neutral detergent is enough. Wet mopping is sometimes the simplest approach to cleaning a floor that is very unclean.

Waterproof Laminate Installation:

Every floating floor is made of laminate. The weight and friction of the floor prevent it from moving. Laminate flooring may be easily cut with a utility knife and snapped off.


While laminate flooring is simple to remove for replacement, it cannot be repaired. You may extend the life of your laminate flooring by adding coats of sealant, but you cannot sand or refinish it.


At budget flooring retailers, laminate flooring costs between $0.50 and $3.00 per square foot. High-quality laminate flooring may cost around $3.00 to $8.00 per square foot for 12-mm-thick planks. Expect to pay at least $6 per square foot for quality laminate flooring laid by specialists.


Laminate flooring is especially vulnerable due to its wood-based core. Allowing water to collect on the surface can allow it to seep underneath and into the core. The water will be absorbed by the core. The core will not return to its former proportions after drying.

Heat and Environment:

The high-density fiberboard core of laminate flooring is often unaffected by heat. However, other layers, such as the top wear layer, may melt in high temperatures. These temperatures, like vinyl flooring, are significantly above those seen in most houses.

Moisture Resistance:

With appropriate installation and vapor barrier, laminate flooring can provide modest moisture resistance.

Durability and lifespan:

 Laminate flooring is exceptionally long-lasting. Laminate flooring often has a 20-year warranty. However, laminate cannot be refinished or resealed.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Installing Laminate Flooring In Bathrooms?

Susceptible to water damage:

Under its top wear layer, laminate contains a layer made of wood-chip, making it sensitive to water. If water penetrates into the bottom layers, your laminate floors will deteriorate badly. It will bloat and blow, causing irreparable damage to your Laminate floor.

Laminate may warp or curl over time: 

It is appropriate to say that laminate resists moisture. But it definitely cannot withstand wetness. There is a significant distinction between the two. This means that a significant spill might seriously harm your floor. Reinstalling it or replacing certain components of it may be the only way to remedy this.

Not real wood:

 Laminate might not be for you if you desire the real appearance and feel of hardwood in your house. Yes, it has a wood-like appearance, but it also doesn't add to the value of your property.


Without the right underlayment, laminate may become rather loud when placed in bathrooms. Another reason for hiring a specialist to complete the task. By doing so, you ensure that the appropriate underlayment is used.

Difficult to repair: 

There is little you can do to repair a water-damaged laminate floor. The only solution is to rip it out and replace it.

Why Laminate Flooring Isn't Waterproof?

Laminate is constructed from reclaimed hardwood and is therefore not waterproof. It features a strong surface that resists scratches and may have moderate water resistance due to its melamine wear layer.

How Can I protect My Laminate Flooring In The Bathroom?

Make use of Waterproof Silicone Caulk: 

Using a waterproof silicone caulk while installing your laminate flooring is a critical action to perform. Unlike traditional cement and sand grout, which can absorb water, silicone is both flexible and impermeable. Silicone caulk adheres well to laminate because it naturally expands and contracts to cover flooring gaps. Without the usage of silicone caulk, your guarantee will most likely be voided, and your bathroom floor will fail.

Line the Edges with Tile: 

Silicone grout is good at preserving the inner joints and surrounding laminate flooring. However, it is not enough to protect the bottom of the laminate flooring. Water will inevitably seep through and penetrate beneath the lamination, producing severe problems. Surround the laminate flooring with a hard tile border, or molding especially for the bathtub, shower, vanity sinks, and toilet. This will aid in protecting the margins from wetness or splashes, such as those from your long bubble baths.

Minimize Humidity: 

Bathrooms will experience significant levels of humidity, especially if there is a shower that steams up the entire room. Because laminate flooring is prone to moisture and can warp, it is important to take precautions to keep moisture levels as low as possible. While having a shower, remember to turn on the exhaust fan. If possible, open windows to allow the room to breathe.

Prevent Standing Water: 

While bathroom humidity is unavoidable, standing water may be avoided. Wiping or mopping up any standing water is one of the greatest methods to avoid water damage. Allow a puddle to form and you may have a problem on your hands. As water may enter in between laminate flooring seams, then turns into mold. This is a significant issue that might require repairs or necessitate replacing the subfloor entirely.

Lay Down Rugs: 

Using bath rugs can help protect your laminate floors by preventing standing water. When it comes to laminate, there is a reason for concern because it may become rather slippery when wet, which can be dangerous.

Do I need To Buy An Underlayment For Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Underlayment is required for laminate flooring. Because laminate is a floating floor, it must be dispersed uniformly throughout your subfloor. Underlayment allows the floor to float, provides stability, and noise reduction, and supports the locking mechanisms in between boards to ensure the strongest flooring. There are several underlayment alternatives, and deciding which one is best for your project might be difficult.

Laminate Flooring Is Slippery When Wet

Laminate flooring may become dangerously slippery when wet. To avoid injury, you should always get a rubber mat or bathroom rug.

Long-Term Water Exposure Can Lead To Warping In Laminate Flooring

It is possible for laminate flooring to bend if it is not properly cared for. However, with the right underlayment and sealant, you can protect your floor from warping.

Where to Find Laminate Flooring in Houston, TX?

If you live in Houston, TX, Houston Flooring Warehouse is a fantastic place to start your search for laminate flooring. We make it simple for you to find the ideal laminate flooring for your house from our range of laminate flooring brands and styles. We also provide installation services to swiftly and effectively install your new floor.

Final words

If you're considering laminate flooring for your bathroom, be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Laminate is a durable and affordable option, but it's not always the best choice. If you do decide to go with laminate flooring, be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep it safe and well-cared for. You may find the ideal flooring for your house at Houston Flooring Warehouse in Houston, Texas. So stop over and check us out right now!

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