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Bespoke tile

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Product SKU7616D
Size24" x 24"

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time yes it can. Please contact one of our experinced associates to determine if your floor can be installed over.

Yes you can scratch laminate flooring.

You can lay carpet over existing carpet, but this is not a method that is typically encouraged. If you do lay carpet over carpet, be sure you have a low-pile carpet underneath to get tack strips a better chance for attaching and consider installing a light-grade underlayment.

This will depend on what type of carpet is being installed, what is underneath and the shape of the room. We suggest your leave it to the professionals.

Ellimate the colors you do not like. Take a sample home and lay down on the floor to make sure it will work for your project.

Most carpet manufactures offer a good, better and best option.

We offer free in home estimates. If you would like to get a estimate before measure from wall thru the door transition. Done forget to measure the closet.

This will depend on what carpet was purchasd, the amount of trafiice that is on it and how it is maintained.

Furniture can be put back immediately.

Carpet cost will vary depending on the cost of the carpet, which type of padding, and installtion. Our team can provide you an estimate that fits your budget and preferences.

At least once per year. Please refer to the warranty guidelines on your specific carpet.

Laminate flooring is available in a variety of thickness. It can range from 6mm to 12mm.

Yes laminate flooring is very durable and scratch resistant.

Loop carpets will show less wear than others.

You can use a pair of scissors and trim it to the surface. Do not pull it.

Carpet face weight is defined as the weight of the carpet pile per square yard of carpet, measured in ounces. The term refers to the weight of the carpet's fibers only, not the backing material.

Laminate floor base consists of pressed chipped wood particles. The top has the appearance of real wood due to the accurate image layer—essentially a well-rendered photograph of wood encased in a clear, durable wear layer.

12 feet is the standard.

Nylon carpet as it is easier to clean.

Rugs normally lay on existing flooring while carpets are installed wall to wall.

Use a vacuum that has been tested and approved under CRI’s Seal of Approval / Green Label program for vacuums.

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