Laminate can be a stylish and cost-effective solution for many flooring needs. High-tech laminates can beautifully mimic the look of wood or even tile with a variety of textures available from flat, embossed, wood grain or pebbled. This product and its many colors and designs is great for using in high trafficked-areas including the kitchen. Its durability can make it a better option than hardwoods in certain spaces. Easy to clean and maintain it is a fantastic choice for busy homes.

Our Products

Boardwalk Collective

Color variations
sand dune
boathouse brown
silver shadow
gulf san

Castle Ridge

Color variations
5U263 07006 MAIN
0428U 01003 MAIN
0428U 05004 MAIN
0428U 07007 MAIN


Color variations
Stonefire Oak
Terrace Oak
Vintage Villa Oak
Whitewash Oak


Color variations
French Beige
Medieval Gray

Crest Haven

Color variations
Briarwood Oak
Prairie House Oak
Summit Oak
Wine Barrel Oak
Wrought Iron Oak


Color variations
Heirloom Oak
Khaki Oak
Pumice Oak
White Satin Oak


Color variations
Cavalry Oak
Lunar Oak
Sand Pearl Oak
Trinket Oak

Granbury Oak

Color variations
Almondine Oak
Light Truffle Oak
Wickham Gray Oak

Sawmill Ridge

Color variations
Gingerglow Oak
Mineral Oak
Nomadic Oak
Wheat Field Oak

Antique Craft

Color variations
Cotton Knit Oak
Espresso Bark Oak
Soft Chamois Oak
Kindling Oak
Stone Hearth Oak


Color variations
sanbank oak
aged copper oak
asher gray oak
bungalow oak

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Frequently Ask Questions

Laminate floor base consists of pressed chipped wood particles. The top has the appearance of real wood due to the accurate image layer—essentially a well-rendered photograph of wood encased in a clear, durable wear layer.

Laminate flooring is available in a variety of thickness. It can range from 6mm to 12mm.

Most of the time yes it can. Please contact one of our experinced associates to determine if your floor can be installed over.

Yes laminate flooring is very durable and scratch resistant.

Yes you can scratch laminate flooring.